Monitor#1 – Composition

Piotr Hanzelewicz Nicola Rotiroti Paolo Assenza

Monitor#1 – Composition

Jun 18, 2018 - Sep 21, 2018

Fabrizio Pizzuto

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Piotr Hanzelewicz
Nicola Rotiroti
Paolo Assenza

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A sonata, a landscape, a work of arrangement, an archive work, an abstraction, perhaps a digression, all have in themselves the caliber and the tones of the composition. Composing is the act of putting together, more or less harmoniously, the elements, bringing them towards a unity and a taste of being together.

We present and put together three artists who are measured, attentive, and with lyrical acumen. In their works the canvas or the support are neatly filled with disorder, everything is calibrated, lives and vibrates in all directions filling them with life. Colour, rhythms and tones work around the central lyricism that expands its flavour. The surface opens and stretches out as if it were sound.

The exhibition "Monitor#1 - Composition" kicks off a series of exhibition works that will monitor the work of artists who took part in Spazio Menexa. We aim to make known and follow the artistic evolution of artists related to our history and our recent exhibition program. A kind of point in the situation is highlighted.

Paolo Assenza, Piotr Hanzelewicz, Nicola Rotiroti are the first three names. Their current production is seen in dialogue with each other and with space. He began a collaboration with Pensiero Meridiano magazine, the magazine of art criticism. Collaboration that aims to work on several fields, with active enthusiasm, on the territory of Rome and beyond.

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